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Improve trash bins in the cities

The Future TodayPosted by Röjarn 2007-05-31 13:51:01

In today’s society we are urged to recycle as much as we can of our trash in our homes. But when it comes to cities common trash bins they provide no possibilities to recycle. There is no possibility at many common places to throw cans, bottles etc in a recycling bin. If you are out shopping and drunken a soda you are often forced to either

Take the can with you


Throw it in a common trash bin

Which is a contradiction as I’m brought up by the society to recycle as much as I can and then the society doesn’t support those values it self.

If we want people to recycle more, the society should be a model of that behaviour. The common trash bins in cities should be improved to support today’s recycling society.

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