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Lunar Mortem - Part 5 of 5

SSS - Short Scifi StoriesPosted by Nilsen 2009-03-16 23:01:40

“Damn it!” The Fighter she was hunting had a good Pilot and wouldn’t let her get a clear shot. The attack on the Tycho Brahe had been a surprise for all of them… The Captain believed that hiding above Jupiter’s northern pole would mask their present – he was wrong.

The enemy had detected them and had initiated a surprise attack.

She had managed to lift off with the second wave and was immediately involved in an intense dog fight. So far she had managed to take out three of their Fighters… but no Bombers. This worried her – she couldn’t see any Bombers at all. Weird. Why send Fighters and no Bombers against a Hangar ship? Did they plan to board it or what?

The enemy Fighter she was chasing suddenly veered aggressively and dived towards the Tycho Brahe. It shot salvos after salvos upon the short runway outside the hangar opening, until it managed to blow an Allied Support Shuttle trying to take off. Through the flaming debris it flew and continued through the opening of the hangar deck.

“This guy got shit for brain!” she called out into the comm. to no one special. But, of course she wasn’t too bright either and stupidly overconfident, so she followed him in.

The hangar that ran through the length of the ship was crowded and they were running out of space real fast. The enemy Fighter unleashed all its firepower, but didn’t seem to aim at anything special – just trying to do as much damage as possible. Switching to Missiles she took aim, but didn’t risk firing inside the hangar deck. Meanwhile, chunks of debris struck her Fighters hull, but she managed to stay on course – following the enemy fighter through the inside of the ship that had been her home for the last three years. Just as the enemy fighter neared the other end she squeezed her trigger and let her missiles fly. They flew straight at the opponent’s rear wing and belly – turning it into a blue/yellow flaming ball as it exited the hangar deck.

She let out a heavy sigh – coming into insight that she probably had held her breath all the while she was flying through the hangar deck. Flight Operation would probably have her scrub the flight deck with a toothbrush for the rest of the year…

Suddenly her thoughts where interrupted as the comm. screamed out, “Shadow Bomber spotted!” She panned the immediate area for the deadly threat, when she suddenly saw the dark sleek silhouette of the enemy Stealth Bomber. It had uncloaked, about fifty meters from the Hangar Ship’s starboard bow. With frustration she dived down on top of it, once again squeezing her triggers, missiles and cannons – but nothing happened!

She was out of ammo and the Shadow Bomber fired both of its Heavy Torpedoes. In that instant it all made sense – her life, her career, her duty… She altered her angle of attack; determine to take out the slow Torpedoes with her craft.

Her Fighter exploded, damaging the Shadow Bomber with the shock wave from the blast. Other fighters and the Tycho Brahe's Defence Turrets soon joined in to finish it, before it could re-load or re-cloak.

“Requesting a Pickup!” she called out with a grin as she floated around, high above the Shadow Bomber wreck in her Flight Suit. Her suit´s structural integrity alarm flashed with an angry red and her H.U.D. showed her numerous leaks and a sinking oxygen level. “And hurry up...”

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