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Lunar Mortem - Part 4 of 5

SSS - Short Scifi StoriesPosted by Nilsen 2009-03-16 23:00:34

“Medic!” the Captain called out as he rounded the corner into the area where the lower airlocks where positioned. The Asteroid Base had showed itself to be quite a Forth Knox. The, so called, boarding operation had been going on for two days now and he couldn’t remember ever being so tired in his life! The Troopers had been visiting him with all kinds of injuries and some of them had visited him more then once with requests for additional Ammunition.

Like the Captain; this was his fourth visit. First, for extra stim packs, but since then it had been injuries. And this time it was bad… he was getting tired too.

“How bad is it?” the Captain managed to ask. His eyes were swimming with fatigue and his breathing was heavy.

“You’ll live… but not if you get another injury like this…” He wasn’t lying, the Armour was beyond repair and that meant that whatever beating the Captain would face, would no doubt kill him. But it wasn’t his job to tell him – only to fix his injuries.

“We were so close,” the Captain said followed with a few coughs. “We’d fought our way to Level Five. We even managed to take out their inner base defence – mini tanks and all. Then our Point Man reported that we had reached the bottom low of the galleries. It opens up like a large tube and reaches all the way up to the sun dome above.” The Captain grabbed his hand where he held the auto injector and cried out with despair, “They had placed charges ALL around the lower gallery! My whole Platoon gone! Just like that…”

The Captain suddenly spotted something behind his shoulder and struggled to reach the Assault Rifle beside, while shouting, “SHADOW!”

In the following instant, the Captains face became unrecognisable mess of blood as the projectiles from the Shadow trooper´s Flechett Gun fired its single round.

He spun around reaching for his Flame-Thrower, knowing that he had a second before the Shadow had reloaded. Without knowing where to aim, he fired a broad tail of deadly flames into the area where the Captain had spotted the Shadow.

But nothing started to burn and suddenly another salvo of Flechett projectiles was fired from his right. It slammed into his stomach and though it painfully penetrated his skin, the Light Assault Armour caught most of the salvo.

He aimed again and fired. The Shadow started to burn, crying out with pain as the flames started to eat into her cloak – deactivating it. This was the bad side of the Flame-Thrower. It took time to kill your opponent…

Dropping the Flame-Thrower, he picked up the Captains Assault Rifle and fired away a couple of salvos. Finally, the Shadow Scout stopped screaming…

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