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Lunar Mortem - Part 3 of 5

SSS - Short Scifi StoriesPosted by Nilsen 2009-03-16 22:59:02

The Frigate was turning slowly towards the enemy Defence Platform and he had positioned himself inside one the aft cannons. The Platform was a vital defence system for the enemy base and it was up to the crew of the Frigate to make sure that the allied shuttles could board the base without interference from the Defence Platform.

“Enemy Fighter spotted!” The alarm claxon sounded throughout the ship and he watch with horrific excitement as four Fighters and one Bomber appeared in his field of aim. Targeting the Fighters, he shot a few salvos, but they were in no danger against the sluggishness of his cannon.

“Screw this!” he said frustrated and turned the cannon back towards the Bomber. To his dismay he found the Bomber not to be at the distance he thought it would be. Instead the Bomber had gotten close enough to release its large Space Bombs, mounted underneath its weapon mounts or short ‘wings’. And to his bad luck, one of the Bombs was flying straight towards him! In panic he fired the cannon straight at the Bomb, missed and decided that maybe it was time to abandon the ship.

Jumping out of the cannon turret he moved straight for the nearest Escape Pod, climbed in and slammed the release leveller.

The impact of the Bombs made his Pod jolt and it slowly began to spin. Through the tiny port hole he could see the Frigate’s aft section imploding and the cannon he had occupied were gone. The Pod kept spinning and his ship fell out of view and instead the Bomber suddenly appeared.

It had spotted the Escape Pod and was slowly closing in on it.

“Couldn’t get enough eh? You want more, do you?” he said out loud in the tiny space of the Pod.

Because the Pod’s entrance was facing away from the bomber, he put his helmet on and readied his Missile Launcher. He jerked the door’s release mechanism and pushed it open.

His Heavy Assault Armour was much easier to operate in zero-G, so he managed to push himself out fairly quickly.

Masked behind the Escape Pod he took aim and waited. He knew he would only have a second before the Bomber crew would recognise the threat and blow him to space dust. The Pod drifted slowly in front of him and he began to see the Bomber’s starboard wing.

Two second later the main body of the beast was in full view and he could see the surprised face of the Bombers front turret gunner.

“Hi, there! Nice knowing you!” he said with a grin and squeezed the trigger. The missile flew with remarkable speed and accuracy, slamming in to where the screaming gunner had been seated and blew the Bomber to debris. The shockwave hit him, but he was well protected inside his Heavy Assault Armour…

After considering his situation he decided to do the only reasonably thing; to take out the platform. And, according to his suit’s read-out screen, he had just the right amount of Thrust Manoeuvring Fuel to make the distance…

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