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Lunar Mortem - Part 2 of 5

SSS - Short Scifi StoriesPosted by Nilsen 2009-03-16 22:57:34

“Yes, sir… The excitement never ends…” he thought sullenly.

This was his third tour of duty, but his rank as Captain had only been given to him because he was the only one left with his kind of experience. He had boarded many enemy spaceships, starbases and even smaller crafts - like shuttles. Those kinds of assaults had to be achieved from cold space with the Assault Armour suits life support system screaming its warning in one ear, while dying comrade’s death screams filled the other. The horror of hearing nothing but your own oxygen leaking out in to the vacuum of space, knowing that you’re only seconds from death… That kind of stuff gets to you.

Every one he knew or had known where dead or dying and looking around the inside of the cramped troop transport, he now had the experience to see who among his fellow comrade’s were going to live... or die.

With a heavy sigh at the depression of knowing their sad fait, he checked his gear. The robust and compact assault rifle was usually loaded with Teflon Coated Armour Piercing ammunition. He, however, had managed to get a hold of ammo with the core made of depleted Uranium instead of led. This would make the bullets heavier - knocking the enemy off their feet.

The grenades were standard issue as well as the knife and the small anti-piercing-ship-hull Gun. He couldn’t remember ever using that one. It wouldn’t do any good anyway…

His Assault Armour impacted with the fixed seat straps as the shuttles engine roared and then died with a shudder. The zero G´s telling him that they where about to dock with the enemy vessel. The red light would soon be green and the airlock would swoosh open.

The most dangerous point of a boarding operation was at the airlock. If the enemy knew you where coming, they could easily end the attack with a few well-aimed rockets or grenades. The rule was to be the first one out killing everything in the immediate area and then to take cover. And because he was the only one who knew this rule, he rose from his seat and took point in front of the airlock. No doubt, the Rookies would surely see this as an act of bravery and leadership – fools!

Without turning he addressed the others over the comm. “Ok! Listen up! You’re ALL soon about to die. So stay frosty with your finger on the trigger and do as I say – and you just might get away with only an amputation!”

He then continued with irritation, “And put your helmets on and check your oxygen supply - in case the enemy ship life support isn’t working...”

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