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Lunar Mortem - Part 1 of 5

SSS - Short Scifi StoriesPosted by Nilsen 2009-03-16 22:55:22

She had been hiding behind the crates for a while now, observing the chaos in the main hangar inside the enemy starbase. Fighters, Bombers and Shuttles were taking off all the time, due to the immediate threat from her allies and its attack force in orbit around the gas planet. She was waiting for the right target to plant the homing device on. Her allies could then easily launch a high velocity missile from afar that would home-in on the signal and hopefully destroy the target.

A moment past, but she didn’t have to wait too long before her objective appeared on the flight decks aft section. The large transport-shuttle was initiating lift-off procedures while an entire platoon of assault troops hurled themselves onboard - getting ready to board an enemy vessel.

Pulling out her light Flechett Gun, she scanned the flight deck quickly through its scope, making sure there wasn’t any camouflaged assailant waiting for her.

The transport shuttle had finished loading troops and gears. It took off, floating smoothly across the runway; it was now or never!

Activating her optic-camouflage first, she got out from her hiding to intercept the shuttle. The small homing device in her hand was round and flat and would stick to the hull with its magnetic surface. The only trick was to be close enough to throw it.

The shuttle went pass her in high speed, but she had done this a lot lately and the homing device stuck itself neatly under the shuttles port side turret.

She stood there watching the shuttle fly out of the hangar, knowing that the activation cycle had enabled itself about now, alerting her allies. “You’re a goner,” she said under her breath.

“So are you, my dear…” she suddenly heard to her right with dread.

She spun around, feeling in that instance the burning sensation as the knife penetrated her armour and straight into her heart. Her stim patch pumped her full of adrenalin for no avail.

Her body went numb and she fell with her face down on the Flight Decks cool surface. A flicker in the air to her right told her that her assailant had been wearing optic-camouflage too…

Before she past out, though, she managed to catch a last glint at the shuttle as it accelerated away from the station. Suddenly it made a manoeuvre as if trying to dodge an attack, but then exploded, engulfed in flames… “Success!” she thought and was then no more.

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